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The Actress & The Painter
In  my "text"-ual romance of The Actress & The Painter, we begin at the Oakwood, a terrible 4AM bar in Chicago where Holly, the actress, and Ed, the painter, meet. And it's instantly hot and hiillaaarrrious! In the way only two thirty-something artists with twisted senses of humor and sex-positive openness can unfold. The next three months follow Holly and Ed through the growth of a new, passionate, sexy, ridiculously inappropriate relationship through text message, pics, and emails. Everything is progressing in the anxiety-ridden, phone addicted world of modern dating, where texts come in flurries and then…nothing for days. Will the artistic, overly dramatic, dirty, silly love growing between Holly and Ed lead to a lasting relationship or will Ed return to his ex Sarah? 


An Excerpt from: The Actress & The Painter


Nov 5 17:46:52 2013 From Actress to Painter


If you're itchy later, maybe grab a drink? First rehearsals usually end early so I'll alert you.


Nov 5 18:54:49 2013 From Painter to Actress


It's been a weird day. Ugh. A situation has come up with my roommate/ex. She has been on tour with a band since the beginning of the year. While on tour our relationship fell apart (in June). It broke my heart. Now she wants to work things out. I'm not sure what I want to happen.

Sorry to spring this on you but it all came up today and I felt it affects our hanging out again. My mind is spinning! This is an awkward and not fun text.

Let me know anyway if you are having drinks and feel like seeing me...


Nov 5 18:57:51 2013 From Actress to Painter


Oh brother. Ok, I'm literally running into rehearsal right now. I will text you when I get out.


Nov 5 18:58:44 2013 From Actress to Painter


I can't process this right now.


Nov 5 20:42:36 2013 From Actress to Painter


So, I apologize for my abrupt response. My rehearsal started at 7 so I had NO time to really read your text or actually respond.

We are wrapping up now.

I realize you are in a confusing, complicated situation. I just showed up so, you REALLY don't need to explain everything if that's easier. I can sort of just disappear, at this point.

It's just that if you don't know what you want right now, I am not sure that I will help or hurt you come to any decisions.

That being said I enjoy spending time with you. Getting a drink would be fine, or great, or who knows!

Lemme know where you stand at this moment, as I can only assume your position may be changing quickly and often.


Nov 5 20:54:34 2013 From Painter to Actress


Awesome response! Yes, this is confusing. It has been rough for me. I didn't get into the history with you because it is long winded and I didn't know you that well or because we were having such a good time (Saturday). I like hanging out with you. I've got some things to think about. What now? Do you still want to hang out with me knowing about the baggage?!


Nov 5 20:58:56 2013 From Actress to Painter


Well, I feel silly not hanging out with you given I had so much fun the last two times we hung out, especially talking to you, regardless of everything else that happened.


I would vote yes, still hangout, I have baggage too, I told you PLENTY the other night, and I will proceed with caution.


Nov 5 20:59:24 2013 From Actress to Painter


What do you think?!



Nov 5 21:02:08 2013 From Painter to Actress


I agree. I feel more comfortable being upfront about it all. Oh man, bizarre day. Still getting drinks or do you want to wait til Saturday?


Nov 5 21:04:14 2013 From Actress to Painter


Ok, so, just to make it weirder, I am going to tiny lounge with Jessica and this odd- ball rando she met yesterday (I am not calling you an odd-ball rando, he’s ODD), Brent, for a drink (I’m her back-up/wing-man murder pact buddy on this) You are welcome to join us. However, if you are not interested in that hilarious situation, then we can wait till Saturday.


Nov 5 21:05:33 2013 From Actress to Painter


Sorry you had such a stressful, crazy day.


Nov 5 21:05:36 2013 From Painter to Actress

Whereabouts and for how long? I'm not home yet from teaching. Who knows, maybe we can all have an oddball foursome just round out the day! (still have my sense of humor!)


Nov 5 21:08:38 2013 From Actress to Painter


This is when a sense of humor is the most important!!


Nov 5 21:09:47 2013 From Actress to Painter


Tiny lounge - Leavitt just south of Montrose - not sure how long. We are not even inside yet. If anything changes I will let you know.



Nov 5 21:12:00 2013 From Painter to Actress


Have to admit, a drink sounds wonderfully distracting. I'll swing by if that's cool. What's the name? I can be there by 10.



Nov 5 21:12:41 2013 From Actress to Painter


Tiny Lounge :)


Nov 5 21:13:46 2013 From Painter to Actress


Ahh...the name not "a tiny lounge." See you there!


Nov 5 21:14:10 2013 From Actress to Painter